Mercedes-AMG Unveils the Mythos PureSpeed, a Sleek SL Speedster with F1-Inspired Halo Roof Ba

Mercedes-AMG (Mercedes)

Mercedes-AMG has revealed the Mythos PureSpeed, a limited-edition, high-performance roadster based on the SL-class. This exclusive vehicle boasts a sleek design inspired by Formula 1, featuring a halo-style rollover protection and a unique shark-like front end. With only 250 units to be produced, the PureSpeed is a rare collector’s item aimed at the most discerning enthusiasts.

The design team transformed the four-seat SL into a two-seat speedster, incorporating a tiny aero screen, structural spine, and “aerodynamically optimized” helmets for the driver and passenger.

Mercedes-AMG Unveils the Mythos PureSpeed (Mercedes)

The car’s red paint pays homage to the Mercedes that won the 1924 Targa Florio, while the flying buttresses evoke the 300 SLR driven by Stirling Moss. The PureSpeed’s design is a masterful blend of vintage inspiration and modern innovation.

The Mythos PureSpeed is the first in a series of low-volume, high-priced specials from Mercedes-AMG, targeting the bespoke car market dominated by Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Although the price and engine details remain unconfirmed, it is likely to feature the SL63’s 577 hp V8 engine. With its unique design and exclusive production run, the PureSpeed is a true collector’s item for the most dedicated Mercedes enthusiasts.

The PureSpeed’s debut ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix is fitting, given the principality’s reputation for luxury and exclusivity. This car is sure to turn heads on the streets of Monaco and beyond, its sleek design and rare status making it a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. As the first in the Mythos series, the PureSpeed sets a high standard for future limited-edition models from Mercedes-AMG.