“Daddy Changed the World” Biopic, Produced by George Floyd’s Daughter, in the Works

A Movie Produced by George Floyd's Daughter Gianna Floyd, and her mother, Roxie Washington as Executive Producer (ESPN)

A biopic about George Floyd, titled “Daddy Changed the World,” is in production, with his daughter Gianna Floyd and mother Roxie Washington serving as executive producers.

The film will chronicle Floyd’s life, highlighting his humanity and the tragic events that led to his death, which sparked a global movement against police brutality. Gregory R. Anderson is writing the screenplay, while a director has yet to be announced.

The film aims to humanize Floyd, showcasing his flaws and the impact his death had on his community. Washington hopes the film will “reignite efforts to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” and bring about justice and equality for all. The producers, including Ted Field, Dr. Kaeita Rankin, and Timothy Christian, are committed to telling Floyd’s story and inspiring change.

A Biopic “Daddy Changed the World”

Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, was a pivotal moment in American history, sparking widespread protests and calls for reform. The biopic promises to be a gritty drama that explores Floyd’s life and the systemic issues that led to his tragic death. By sharing his story, the filmmakers hope to keep his legacy alive and continue the push for justice and equality.

The film’s title, “Daddy Changed the World,” reflects the impact Floyd’s death had on his family and the world at large. Gianna Floyd, who was just six years old when her father died, is now involved in the production of the film, ensuring that her father’s story is told authentically. The biopic promises to be a powerful tribute to Floyd’s life and a call to action for justice and equality.