Beneath the Surface: Rosebushpruning’s Dark Secrets

Beneath Rosebushpruning's Dark Secrets (Devilworks)

Karim Aïnouz’s highly anticipated film, “Rosebushpruning,” has brought together a powerhouse of production companies, including Fremantle’s The Apartment, The Match Factory, Mubi, Kavac Film, and Rai Cinema.

This esteemed collaboration will breathe new life into Marco Bellocchio’s 1965 debut feature, “Fists in the Pocket.” Aïnouz’s vision, adapted by Efthimis Filippou, promises a bold and original take on the classic, exploring the downfall of traditional patriarchal families.

The talented cast, including Kristen Stewart, Josh O’Connor, and Elle Fanning, will bring this contemporary parable to life. Annamaria Morelli, CEO of The Apartment, expressed enthusiasm for the project, praising Aïnouz’s unique vision and the exceptional partnership.

Aïnouz himself hailed the opportunity to revisit Bellocchio’s masterpiece, eager to create a thought-provoking and touching film that will resonate with audiences.

Kristen Stewart, Josh O’Connor, and Elle Fanning (Devilworks)

With production set to begin later this year, “Rosebushpruning” is poised to be a landmark film, thanks to the combined efforts of its talented cast, crew, and production partners.

The film’s themes of family, power, and rebellion will be brought to life through Aïnouz’s distinctive direction and the script’s clever adaptation. The result promises to be a cinematic experience that will leave a lasting impact on viewers.

The collaboration of such renowned production companies and talented individuals is a testament to the excitement surrounding “Rosebushpruning.” As the film heads into production, anticipation builds for its eventual release, sure to be a major event in the great deal of cinema.