Dodge Moves Two Vipers in 2023, Doubling the Sales of the Previous Year

Dodge Moves Two Vipers in 2023 (Dodge)

In 2023, Stellantis, the parent company of Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and other brands, reported sales of several discontinued models, affectionately referred to as “zombie cars.”

Leading the pack is the iconic Dodge Viper, with two units sold in the final quarter of 2023, a 100% increase from the previous year. Although production ended in 2017, the Viper continues to find new homes, a testament to its enduring appeal.

Other noticeable zombie cars include the Jeep Patriot, with one sale in Q4 2023, and the Chrysler 200, with four sales throughout the year, doubling its 2022 total.

Dodge Moves Two Vipers (Dodge)

The Chrysler Town & Country minivan also made an appearance, with two sales in Q4 2023, after no sales in 2022. Additionally, Dodge sold three Dart sedans, 36 Journey crossovers, and 27 Caravan minivans, all discontinued models.

These sales demonstrate the lingering demand for certain vehicles, even after their production has ceased. The Dodge Viper, in particular, has a cult following, with enthusiasts seeking out the high-performance sports car. Similarly, the Chrysler 200 and Town & Country maintain a loyal customer base, despite being discontinued.

Alfa Romeo and Fiat also had their share of zombie cars, with one 4C and 28 124 Spider convertibles sold, respectively. The Fiat 500L and 500 also found a few buyers, with seven and 16 units sold, respectively.

These sales highlight the enduring appeal of certain models and the willingness of customers to seek out discontinued vehicles that still meet their needs. The sales of these zombie cars demonstrate the complicated nature of the automotive market, where demand can persist even after production has ended.

As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how manufacturers balance the need to innovate with the desire to meet lingering demand for discontinued models.