Porsche Taycan Beats Tesla Model S Plaid’s Nurburgring Record with 7:07 Lap Time

New Porsche Taycan (Porsche)

Porsche has achieved a remarkable feat with its latest ultra high-performance Taycan, setting a new record at the Nurburgring with a lap time of 7:07.55.

This achievement marks a remarkable milestone, making it the fastest electric Porsche to ever tackle the legendary track. The Stuttgart automaker’s excitement is palpable, although details about the car’s name and performance metrics remain under wraps.

The ‘pre-series Taycan’ has outperformed its predecessors, surpassing the Tesla Model S Plaid’s previous record by 17.681 seconds and the current Taycan Turbo S by 26 seconds.

Porsche Taycan (Porsche)

Its impressive time is also comparable to the Rimac Nevera’s record of 7:05.298. Minor modifications, including racing bucket seats and a roll cage, were made to enhance safety and trackability.

Speculation surrounds the new sedan, potentially dubbed the Taycan Turbo GT, which may boast a tri-motor drivetrain with approximately 1,000 horsepower. The addition of a rear axle motor could improve thermal management and traction control.

While battery details remain unclear, advancements in cell chemistry or design may be necessary to support high-current bursts. Silicon carbide inverters, already implemented in the new electric Macan, could also enhance efficiency at higher sustained currents.

The repeatability of this record is equally impressive, with development driver Lars Kern achieving consistent lap times. The Nurburgring’s challenging layout pushes electric drivetrains to their limits, making Porsche’s achievement a testament to advanced engineering.

As the company prepares to release a video of the record-breaking drive and potentially reveal a mid-cycle refresh for the Taycan range, anticipation builds around this groundbreaking machine.