Jeff Franklin, the Creator of the Popular Sitcom ‘Full House’, is Producing a Horror Film Titled ‘murder With the Stars’, Directed by Jonathan Silverman and Written by Craig Shoemaker, in a Collaboration that Blends Comedy and Horror Genres ¹

Fire Island (Discovery Global Comedy)

Jeff Franklin, the mastermind behind the beloved sitcoms “Full House” and “Fuller House,” is venturing into the horror genre as the producer of the upcoming film “Murder with the Stars.”

Craig Shoemaker, the writer and producer, has crafted a screenplay that promises to deliver a unique blend of terror and excitement. Jonathan Silverman, who will direct and star in the movie, joins forces with Franklin and Shoemaker to create a dream team that is sure to send chills down audiences’ spines.

Fire Island – Full House (Discovery Global Comedy)

Shoemaker’s inspiration for the film struck several months ago, and he knew he had stumbled upon something special. With the addition of Silverman and Franklin, the creative process has been seamless. “It’s a killer team,” Shoemaker quipped, “and I’m thrilled to be working with old friends who share my passion for horror and comedy.”

Pelican Point Media, a film finance and production company known for its work on horror and comedy films like “Exposed” (2016), starring Ana de Armas and Keanu Reeves, has partnered with the team to bring “Murder with the Stars” to life.

With Silverman represented by Authentic Talent and Brave Artists, and Shoemaker by Innovative Artists, this collaboration promises to be a thrilling ride that will leave fans of both horror and comedy on the edge of their seats.