New Chapter in the ‘Coherence’ Universe: Byrkit and Andrews Team Up Again

New Chapter in the 'Coherence' (Oscilloscope Studio)

Director James Ward Byrkit and producer Kate Andrews are reuniting to develop a new feature film that continues the sci-fi thriller story of Coherence, which gained a cult following and critical acclaim in 2013.

While the plot details are being kept secret, Byrkit will direct and write the script with Alex Manugian, his co-story writing partner from the original film.

 ‘Coherence’ (Oscilloscope Studio)

Andrews will produce under her Boldly Go Productions banner, following the successful sale of her first film, It’s What’s Inside, to Netflix for $17 million at the Sundance Film Festival.

The original Coherence film, directed by Byrkit, follows eight friends whose dinner party is disrupted by a comet’s passing, leading to reality-bending events that unravel hidden truths and test their grip on reality.

Despite its small budget, the film has become a cult classic, ranking in Top 10 lists as one of the greatest mind-bending sci-fi thrillers of the 21st century.

Byrkit expressed his excitement about the follow-up, stating that Andrews’ two-word email pitch unlocked the door to a new story. He praised her genius or possibly her ability to tap into a parallel reality where the story already existed.

Byrkit is also known for his work on the Academy Award-winning animated film Rango and his current sci-fi television anthology Shatter Belt.