Aurora and Continental Complete Design of Autonomous Truck Fleet

Aurora and Continental Complete Design of Autonomous Truck Fleet (Aurora)

Aurora Innovation, a leading autonomous vehicle company, has achieved a milestone by finalizing its Aurora Driver technology’s design, architecture, and hardware.

This innovation will power the driverless semi-trucks produced in partnership with Continental, a renowned German auto supplier, starting in 2027.

Meet Aurora’s autonomous truck, which is designed continentally (Aurora)

Aurora plans to deploy a limited number of fully driverless trucks by the end of 2024, scaling up to thousands of trucks in just three years.

Aurora’s strategic partnership with Continental, announced in April 2023, enables the company to expand its manufacturing plans and leverage Continental’s expertise in industrializing and validating its technology.

Aurora collaborates with Volvo and Paccar to integrate its self-driving technology into their trucks. Unlike other companies in the autonomous vehicle industry that have faced setbacks and scaled back their plans, Aurora is taking a measured approach to commercialization.

The company will spend the next year and a half building and testing prototype versions of its technology with Continental at its facility in New Braunfels, Texas. Continental will also develop a fallback system to ensure the safe operation of the trucks in case of sensor or hardware failures.

Aurora’s commitment to safety and reliability sets it apart in the industry. By leveraging Continental’s components, such as sensors, automated driving control units, and high-performance computers, Aurora is poised to revolutionize the trucking industry with its autonomous technology.

The companies will also develop a comprehensive service playbook for customers who purchase Aurora’s trucks, ensuring a seamless experience. With its conservative approach and strategic partnerships, Aurora is positioned for success in the autonomous trucking market.