Vinicius Jr. Slams LaLiga for Inaction on Racist Abuse

Vinicius Jr. playing for Real Madrid (Real Madrid)

Vinicius Jr., the talented Brazilian forward for Real Madrid, took to Twitter to express his righteous indignation and deep frustration towards LaLiga’s inexcusable inaction against the scourge of racism that continues to plague stadiums.

The disturbing incident occurred during Real Madrid’s 2-0 triumph at Real Valladolid on Friday, where Vinicius Jr. was subjected to vile racial abuse as he walked behind the goal after being substituted, with videos capturing fans hurling objects and spewing racist slurs.

Vinicius Jr. feeling so disappointed (Real Madrid)

With a sense of righteous outrage, Vinicius Jr. lambasted LaLiga for its complacency, declaring that “racists still freely attend stadiums and support the world’s biggest club, while LaLiga remains idle.” Undeterred by the hate, he vowed to continue celebrating his successes and those of Real Madrid with unwavering pride.

In response, LaLiga issued a statement acknowledging the racist insults posted on social media by some fans and promising to report the offenses to the Anti-Violence Commission and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for hate crimes.

However, this incident is merely the latest in a disturbing pattern of racism directed at Vinicius Jr., including the racist chanting by Atletico Madrid fans before the Madrid derby in September 2022 and the racist criticism of his dancing goal celebrations.

Vinicius Jr.’s powerful statement shines a light on the ongoing battle against racism in Spanish football, showcasing his unwavering determination to stand strong against hate. While LaLiga’s response acknowledges the problem, it must be followed by tangible actions to address the systemic issue of racism in stadiums.

The fight against racism demands more than mere words; it requires concrete solutions and a steadfast commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all players.