Xavien Howard Faces Allegations of Sharing Explicit Material: Off-Field Controversy Surrounds Former Dolphins Cornerback

Xavien Howard
Xavien Howard (NFL)

Xavien Howard, the former Miami Dolphins cornerback currently in search of a new NFL team, confronts grave allegations off the field. Recent court documents unveil accusations against Howard, suggesting he circulated private photos and videos depicting himself and other women in intimate acts.

These actions allegedly aimed to shame and inflict emotional harm on the individuals involved, and further claims suggest he sent such explicit material to a minor boy.

One filing, attributed to “John Doe,” details an incident where Howard allegedly sent sexually explicit content of a woman to her minor son during a dispute between Howard and the woman. The boy, accessing the content through his iCloud account after its deletion from his phone, was exposed to it at a young age. Moreover, Howard reportedly pressured the woman into terminating a pregnancy.

Xavien Howard
Xavien Howard faces serious accusations (NFL)

In another filing attributed to “Jane Doe,” Howard is accused of sharing sexual videos and photos of various women with others. When confronted by Jane about this behavior, Howard allegedly admitted to sharing the material to provoke her, stating his intention was to upset her for refusing to engage in sexual activities with him.

The Miami Dolphins terminated their contract with Howard in March, freeing him to seek opportunities elsewhere in the NFL. Howard, a Pro Bowl cornerback, had three years remaining on his substantial contract, and his release provided significant financial relief for the Dolphins organization.