European Arrival of Mustang GTD Delayed, but Coming Soon

Arrival of Mustang GTD Delayed (FORD)

In recent years, car enthusiasts in Europe have grown accustomed to envying their US-based counterparts, who seem to have access to a plethora of exciting domestic vehicles that never make it to European shores.

The Ford Mustang GTD, with its impressive 800hp and magnesium wheels, seemed destined to join this list of forbidden fruits. However, Ford has now confirmed that a limited allocation of the GTD will indeed be making its way to Europe, with more details expected to be revealed next month.

Mustang GTD (FORD)

The GTD’s European debut is set to take place at the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours, followed by an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The car will then take off on a rigorous testing program, including a highly anticipated timed lap of the Nurburgring. This promises to be a thrilling spectacle, given the GTD’s impressive performance capabilities.

The excitement surrounding the GTD is palpable, with over 7,500 applications already received in North America, despite a hefty price tag exceeding $325,000.

Interestingly, a particular proportion of these applicants are existing Mustang owners or enthusiasts with a background in motorsports. This suggests that the GTD is likely to be used for its intended purpose – high-performance driving – rather than simply being a collector’s item.

The GTD’s European arrival is eagerly anticipated, with many expecting it to make a remarkable impact on the continent’s track days and racing scenes.

With its impressive performance capabilities and limited production run, the GTD is sure to be a rare and coveted sight on European roads. As the story of the GTD’s European adventure reveals, car enthusiasts will be watching with bated breath. Stay tuned for more updates in June!