Copa America Implements Sixth Substitution Rule for Concussions

Copa America (Copa América)

CONMEBOL’s decision to allow coaches to make a sixth and extra substitution in cases of suspected head trauma or concussion during next month’s Copa América brings an outstanding step forward in player safety.

Starting from the Copa América in the United States on June 20, coaches will have the option to utilize this additional substitution if they suspect a player has suffered head trauma or concussion during the match. This move aligns with efforts to prioritize player welfare and address potential head injuries promptly.

CONMEBOL introduces concussion substitution (Copa América)

To enact this substitution, coaches must notify the referee or the fourth match official using a pink substitution pass. Once the concussion replacement is made, the player leaving the field will undergo assessment either in the locker rooms or at a hospital.

Importantly, this substitution will not count towards the total number of substitutions allowed during the match, and the opposing team will be granted an additional substitution automatically. This ensures fairness and maintains the competitive balance of the game.

Team doctors will play a crucial role in identifying suspected head injuries and submitting medical reports to CONMEBOL within 24 hours. This protocol underscores the commitment to player safety and the importance of thorough medical evaluation following head trauma incidents on the pitch.

CONMEBOL’s implementation of the concussion substitution rule reflects a proactive approach to protecting players’ health and well-being in football competitions.