Lawsuit Filed Against Hornets’ Ball for Allegedly Hitting Boy with Car

Legal Action Commenced Against Hornets' LaMelo (ESPN)

Tamaria McRae has filed a lawsuit against the Charlotte Hornets and their star guard LaMelo Ball after an incident last October in which Ball allegedly struck her son, Angell Joseph, with his vehicle.

The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday and obtained by ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, details the incident that occurred following a fan event at the Hornets’ home venue. According to McRae, after the event, her son and a group of fans approached Ball’s SUV while it was stopped at a traffic light near the arena.

Hornets’ LaMelo (ESPN)

McRae alleges that Ball looked at Joseph, who was standing next to the vehicle, and then suddenly accelerated, striking her son. The lawsuit claims that Ball’s actions were “grossly negligent and reckless.”

As a result of the incident, Joseph reportedly sustained injuries to his foot and back. McRae’s attorney, Cameron DeBrun, stated that they are seeking damages exceeding $25,000.

DeBrun emphasized the impact of the incident on Joseph, who idolized Ball, stating, “This is his hero, his idol, and he got run over by him.”

The lawsuit highlights the emotional and physical distress caused to Joseph by the incident and seeks to hold both Ball and the Hornets accountable for the alleged negligence. The case adds to the growing list of legal challenges and public scrutiny faced by professional athletes and their affiliated organizations.