Iconic Actress Barbra Fuller, Known for First Radio Soap, Dies at 102

Barbra Fuller, Trailblazing Actress of First Radio Soap (IMDb)

The soap opera community is mourning the loss of a legend with the passing of Barbra Fuller at the age of 102. Her death comes in the midst of a challenging period for the industry, following the recent losses of other soap icons like Meg Bennett, Ellen Holly, and Billy Miller.

News of Fuller’s passing was confirmed by her godson, JP Sloane, in a heartfelt social media statement. Remembering her remarkable career, Sloane reflected on Fuller’s pivotal role as Claudia Barbour in the groundbreaking NBC Radio drama “One Man’s Family,” a role she portrayed for an impressive 14 years.

Barbra Fuller, Famed for Debut Radio Soap (IMDb)

Beyond her contributions to soap operas, Fuller graced the silver screen in 13 films with Republic Pictures, leaving an indelible mark with performances in movies such as “Flame of Youth” and the anti-communism noir “The Red Menace.”

Her versatility extended to television, where she made memorable appearances, including an outstanding role in an episode of the first season of “Adventures of Superman.”

Born in Nahant, Massachusetts, in July 1921, Fuller’s journey into entertainment began when she landed her first role on a children’s show in Chicago, where her mother worked at a local radio station.

In her personal life, Fuller was briefly married to Western star Lash LaRue in 1951. However, their union was short-lived, and they officially divorced the following year.

Fuller did not have any children with LaRue, who had been previously married to Reno Browne and later married Marion Carney until his passing in 1996.

Barbra Fuller’s legacy transcends her roles on screen; she leaves behind a lasting imprint on the soap opera genre and the entertainment industry as a whole. Her talent, dedication, and contribution to the arts will be fondly remembered and deeply missed by fans and colleagues alike.