MLB Team Rankings for 2024: Assessing the Strength of All 30 Franchises

MLB Power Rankings (MLB)

As the 2024 Major League Baseball season approaches, fans of all 30 teams are eagerly assessing their franchise’s prospects. But how can we quantify a team’s standing beyond just wins and losses? We need a metric that captures the emotional temperature of a franchise, reflecting both recent performance and long-term trends.

Introducing “franchise temperature,” a unique measure that gauges a team’s momentum and fan sentiment. This innovative approach assigns a Fahrenheit temperature to each team, signifying its relative hotness or coldness. Is your team sizzling with success or frozen in a slump?

MLB Team Rankings for 2024 (MLB)

Our rankings consider not only the previous season’s results but also the broader context of recent years. A single down season won’t immediately disillusion fans of a consistently strong team like the Cardinals, while a solitary winning season won’t instantly convince fans of a perennial underperformer like the Marlins.

However, a breakout season can rapidly shift the temperature, as Orioles fans have experienced. After ending a long losing streak in 2022, Baltimore’s triple-digit wins in 2023 have catapulted their franchise temperature soaring.

We’ve ranked all 30 MLB teams by their franchise temperature, providing a comprehensive snapshot of each team’s standing heading into 2024. Which teams are scorching hot, and which are icy cold? Approach our list to discover the temperature of your favorite franchise.