Sony Pictures Entertainment Launches Innovative Genre-Based Personality Quiz to Mark Columbia Pictures’ 100th Anniversary

Sony Pictures Entertainment Logo and Columbia Pictures Logo (Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia Pictures)

Sony Pictures Entertainment is thrilled to reveal a pioneering genre-based personality quiz in honor of Columbia Pictures’ centennial anniversary. This engaging quiz, crafted in collaboration with Watson Design Group, delves into the studio’s rich legacy, offering fans a unique and immersive experience.

By answering a series of entertaining questions, participants will discover their personalized genre-based personality type, accompanied by a curated list of recommended Sony films and TV series.

Columbia Pictures Logo (Columbia Pictures)

This innovative quiz aims to enhance the digital fan experience, encouraging fans to rediscover the studio’s extensive catalog and share their results on social media. Rose Phillips, Senior Vice President of Global Digital Marketing and Social at Sony Pictures Entertainment, emphasized the quiz’s design: “We sought to create an experience where fans could connect with our iconic titles on a deeper level, uncovering a piece of the studio’s historic legacy to share with others.”

Beloved movie titles and characters, such as Ghostbusters and Spider-Man, will play an outstanding role in the quiz experience. The quiz seamlessly integrates into the yearlong celebration of Columbia Pictures’ centennial, capturing a century of iconic titles.

It follows the success of the TikTok “My Life As A Movie” custom filter, now Sony Pictures’ most-used organic TikTok filter. Additionally, Columbia Pictures has released a celebratory video highlighting some of the best films and TV series.

The quiz is set to launch on February 8, 2024, in the U.S., with a global release to follow in eight additional markets. Fans can participate by visiting (link unavailable), joining the celebration using #ColumbiaPictures100, and following along on various social media channels.

By exploring their personalized genre-based personality type, fans will gain a deeper understanding of their connection to the studio’s iconic titles and characters. This groundbreaking quiz marks a new chapter in Sony Pictures Entertainment’s commitment to innovative fan engagement, solidifying Columbia Pictures’ legacy as a trailblazer in the entertainment industry.