The Highly Anticipated ‘Moana 2’ Trailer Breaks Records with an Unprecedented 178 Million Views in 24 Hours, Solidifying its Place as the Most-Watched Disney Animated Film Trailer of All Time

The Highly Anticipated 'Moana 2' (Walt Disney Pictures)

Disney is poised to make a triumphant return to the Thanksgiving box office with the highly anticipated sequel, Moana 2. The trailer, released on Wednesday, has shattered records with a staggering 178 million views in just 24 hours, cementing its place as the most-watched animated film trailer in Disney history.

This impressive feat surpasses previous records held by Inside Out 2 (157 million) and Frozen 2 (116 million), as well as Pixar’s Incredibles 2 (113 million).

The Highly Anticipated ‘Moana 2’ Trailer (Walt Disney Pictures)

The overwhelming response to the trailer is a testament to the enduring love for the original film and its beloved characters. Moana, Maui, and Pua have emerged as standout favorites among audiences, with many expressing their enthusiasm for the sequel.

The original Moana film, released in 2016, was the most streamed movie across all platforms in 2023, according to Nielsen. Moana 2, directed by David Derrick Jr., Jason Hand, and Dana Ledoux Miller, and produced by Christina Chen and Yvett Merino, promises an epic adventure unlike any other.

The film features an all-star voice cast, including Dwayne Johnson reprising his role as demigod Maui and Auli’i Cravalho returning as the voice of Moana. With its rich music, stunning animation, and interesting storyline, Moana 2 is set to make a splash at the box office this Thanksgiving.