Academy Award-nominated Screenwriter Stephen J. Rivele, Known for His Work on ‘Nixon’ and ‘Ali’, Has Passed Away at the Age of 75

Stephen J. Rivele ( IMDb)

Stephen J. Rivele, a distinguished screenwriter and Oscar nominee, passed away on May 17 at his Pasadena home, surrounded by loved ones. He was 75. Rivele’s remarkable collaborations with Oliver Stone and Christopher Wilkinson include the 1995 film “Nixon,” which earned them an Academy Award nomination.

Their writing partnership spanned three decades, yielding acclaimed biopics like “Ali” (2001), “Copying Beethoven” (2006), and “Birth of the Dragon” (2016). These films showcased Rivele’s skill in crafting compelling stories about iconic figures.

Oscar nominee Stephen J. Rivele (IMDb)

Rivele’s creative talents extended beyond screenwriting. He was a published author, playwright, and poet, with a passion for storytelling in various forms.

In 1975, he co-founded Philadelphia’s Performing Arts Theater, where he wrote and directed plays that were produced in Philadelphia, New York, and London. His work in theater and film was marked by a dedication to artistic expression and collaboration.

Rivele’s fascination with history and current events led to magazine articles and books on topics like the JFK assassination and organized crime.

His book “The Plumber” was adapted into a film, launching his Hollywood career. Born in Philadelphia on May 6, 1949, Rivele was the first American student accepted into the Paris Film Conservatory.

He studied film directing under Eric Rohmer at the University of Paris, earning a French master’s degree. Rivele’s legacy as a writer, creative force, and collaborator will be deeply missed.

His son Eli Rivele and writing partner Wilkinson announced his passing, celebrating a life marked by artistic passion and dedication.