Honda Launches New Global EV Series, Named Honda Zero, With 2026 Release Date

Honda Launches New Global Ev Series, Named Honda Zero, With 2026 Release Date (Honda)

Honda has officially launched its latest global electric vehicle series, dubbed Honda Zero, marking a remarkable shift towards a more sustainable and aerodynamic design language.

The inaugural model, the Saloon, is slated for release in North America in 2026, followed by the Space-Hub, a futuristic van-esque concept.

The new EV Honda Zero (Honda)

Honda’s innovative approach prioritizes three core principles: “thin, light, and wise” design, which is reflected in the new H-mark logo that will exclusively adorn its next-generation EVs.

The Saloon boasts a sleek, sedan-like silhouette with a sporty flair, drawing inspiration from Honda’s storied Formula 1 heritage. Its sloping fastback shape and unique rectangular lights evoke a sense of dynamism and style.

The Space-Hub features a minimalist design with a panoramic moonroof and minimal overhangs, exuding a sense of versatility and practicality.

Both vehicles will offer advanced autonomous capabilities, with the option for partial or full autonomy depending on the configuration. Honda’s Sensing platform, which debuted in the Honda Legend in Japan in 2021, will provide the foundation for the advanced driver-assist features.

The system enables hands-free driving on expressways and surface streets, with the driver remaining legally liable for the vehicle’s operation.

Honda’s ambitious goals for its EV lineup include the release of 30 new models by 2030, with a target of 2 million units sold. The company aims to achieve 100% zero-emission auto sales by 2040 and carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities by 2050.

With the Honda Zero series, the automaker is poised to revolutionize the EV landscape with its commitment to innovative design, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.