Padres Reliever Yuki Matsui Could Earn Up to $33.6 Million if He Wins the Closer Job

Yuki Matsui (Padres)

Yuki Matsui, the Japanese reliever, has signed a five-year contract with the San Diego Padres worth $28 million, with a potential maximum value of $33.6 million if he becomes the team’s closer.

The deal includes a unique opt-out clause, allowing Matsui to exit the contract after three years and $14.5 million if his pitching elbow remains healthy.

The contract’s details, obtained by The Associated Press, reveal a structured salary plan, with annual escalators tied to games finished, and various perks, including an interpreter, hotel suite, and annual round-trip tickets to Japan.

Yuki Matsui looking forward (Padres)

Matsui’s impressive career in Japan, where he became a five-time All-Star and led the Pacific League in saves three times, has earned him an opportunity in the MLB.

His contract reflects his value, with a potential $7 million player option for 2028 if certain conditions aren’t met. The 28-year-old left-hander has consistently demonstrated his skills, with a career-best 39 saves and a 1.57 ERA in his final season in Japan.

As he joins the Padres, Matsui is poised to make a remarkable impact in the bullpen, with the potential to earn serious incentives and solidify his place in the MLB.

His experience and talent will be valuable assets to the team, and his unique contract highlights the Padres’ commitment to attracting top talent. With Matsui’s skills and the team’s support, he is likely to thrive in his new role and make a lasting impression in the MLB.