Live-Action How to Train Your Dragon Features Gerard Butler as Stoic

How to Train Your Dragon (IMDb)

DreamWorks is breathing new life into the cherished animated classic, How to Train Your Dragon, by reimagining it as a live-action film.

The story follows Hiccup, a young Viking who defies tradition by befriending a dragon named Toothless, sparking a heartwarming journey that challenges the longstanding Viking-Dragon conflict.

How to Train Your Dragon (IMDb)

In an exciting development, Gerard Butler will reprise his role as Stoick the Vast, bringing his signature intensity to the live-action adaptation.

Joining Butler are talented young actors Mason Thames as Hiccup and Nico Parker as Astrid, Hiccup’s loyal friend and love interest. Dean DeBlois, the mastermind behind the successful animated trilogy, returns to helm the project, infusing it with his signature blend of humor, heart, and visual spectacle.

As the film prepares to take flight on June 13, 2025, fans of the original are eagerly anticipating how the live-action adaptation will stay true to the spirit of the animated classic while introducing new elements to captivate audiences.

With its rich themes of friendship, acceptance, and growth, this reimagined tale is poised to enchant a new generation of viewers. Get ready to experience the magic of How to Train Your Dragon like never before!