Halle Bailey and DDG Reveal Baby Halo: A Heartwarming Family Moment in Italy

Halle Bailey and DDG Reveal Baby Halo A Heartwarming Family Moment in Italy
Halle Bailey, DDG and Baby Halo

Halle Bailey and her boyfriend DDG recently unveiled the face of their son, Baby Halo, through a series of photos and videos shared on social media. The couple, who are both entertainers, delighted their followers with snapshots of their little family enjoying a trip to Italy.

This public reveal follows an earlier incident in April 2024, where Baby Halo’s face was accidentally shown during a livestream with Halle and her sister Chloe, prompting Chloe to shield his face from the viewers.

On July 3, Halle Bailey and DDG posted separate images of their son on Instagram. Halle, known for her role in ‘The Little Mermaid,’ shared pictures of the family on a pier in South Europe, captioning them with “halo’s first time in Italy.”

Halle Bailey and DDG Reveal Baby Halo A Heartwarming Family Moment in Italy
Halle Bailey, DDG, and Baby Halo

Her posts included photos of the entire family and a solo shot of her holding Baby Halo. DDG, whose real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., also shared images featuring Halle and their son, along with solo pictures of Baby Halo, including a humorous one of him mimicking his son’s cry-face.

DDG further celebrated the moment by sharing adorable moments in his Instagram stories, expressing his joy with the caption, “my baby finally free.” His Instagram post also sparked curiosity about Baby Halo’s resemblance to his parents, as he posted a close-up of Baby Halo followed by a baby picture of himself, asking, “who halo look like more? 😂”

The reveal of Baby Halo’s face garnered mixed reactions on social media. Commenters on The Shade Room’s report expressed varying opinions, with some finding the decision to initially hide the baby’s face and then reveal it strange.

Others commented on Baby Halo’s features, noting his resemblance to both parents. Some users, however, criticized the negative comments about the baby, with one defending the parents’ decision to protect their child from public scrutiny.

Despite the mixed reactions, the majority of the public congratulated Halle Bailey and DDG on their first child. The couple’s fans and followers expressed their joy and well-wishes for the new family, celebrating this special moment alongside them.