Venezuela Secures a Spot in the Copa America Quarterfinals After Defeating Mexico 1-0, Thanks to a Goal by Salomón Rondón

Venezuela at Copa America (Venezuela/Copa America)

Venezuela secured a spot in the Copa America quarterfinals with a 1-0 victory over Mexico, thanks to a penalty kick goal by Salomón Rondón in the 57th minute. The win marks an outstanding turnaround for Venezuela, who had been winless in their last 13 matches against Mexico.

Venezuela’s coach, Fernando Batista, praised his team’s performance, saying, “We played for the people in Venezuela, and we’re happy to have given them some joy.”

Venezuela Secures a Spot in the Copa America (Venezuela/Copa America)

Mexico, on the other hand, is facing an early exit from the tournament. Despite starting with a 1-0 win over Jamaica, they have struggled to find their footing.

Coach Jaime Lozano remains optimistic, saying, “We never stopped fighting, and we still have a chance to advance.” Mexico faces Ecuador on Sunday, and a victory is crucial to their hopes of advancing to the quarterfinals.

The match saw a tense moment in the 87th minute when Mexico was awarded a penalty kick, but Rafael Romo’s impressive save denied Orbelín Pineda’s attempt. Venezuela’s Rondón, who scored his 42nd goal in 107 international appearances, was the difference-maker in the match.

Venezuela’s victory marks their third time reaching the quarterfinals in four tournaments, while Mexico is on the verge of first-round elimination for the third time in their last four Copa America trips.