Volvo EX90 to Arrive Without Several Features

2025 Volvo EX90 (Volvo)

Volvo has commenced production of the highly anticipated EX90, but the electric vehicle’s launch is not without its hiccups. Despite initial promises of an early 2024 delivery, the automaker delayed the launch to address software issues.

Now, as the EX90 prepares to hit the market in the second half of the year, customers are being informed that their vehicles may not come fully equipped with all features.

Volvo’s Most Important Car (Volvo)

An email sent to customers, which was shared with us, includes a list of features that may be delayed or missing at delivery. These include advanced safety features like cross-traffic alert and curve speed assist, as well as convenience features like wireless Apple CarPlay and bidirectional charging.

Additionally, the LiDAR system’s full capabilities will not be available immediately, and the infotainment and driver displays will only have a dark theme option initially.

Volvo has attributed the delays to the EX90’s multiplex computer system, which requires continuous background operation to support its advanced functions. This has resulted in a 3% battery drain per day when the vehicle is parked and not charging.

However, the company assures that this issue will be resolved through a future update, which will also enable the car to enter a deep sleep mode after 72 hours to conserve energy.

While most of the missing features are expected to be added via over-the-air updates, some may require a visit to a dealership, which Volvo will notify customers about in advance.

The company has not provided a specific timeline for when these updates will be available, but we will update this article as soon as we receive a response. Despite these setbacks, the EX90 remains a highly anticipated model, and customers are eagerly awaiting its arrival.