Rafal Jaki Breaks New Ground with “No\Name” as First Non-Japanese Team to Serialize Manga on Shonen Jump Plus


Rafal Jaki, known for his work as executive producer and showrunner of Netflix’s anime series “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,” has ventured into manga creation with “No\Name,” a series recently picked up for serialization by Shonen Jump Plus.

This marks a notable milestone as Jaki and artist Gamu become the first non-Japanese team to achieve serialization on the platform. Scheduled to debut simultaneously in English and Japanese on July 31, “No\Name” explores a world where names hold magical significance, bestowed by a mysterious government agency for granting special abilities.

Set in Northern Europe, “No\Name” follows a narrative centered on supernatural powers linked directly to individuals’ assigned names. The story revolves around a man who, accompanied by wolf companions and a werebear girl, investigates cases involving missing children under the oversight of the government-run Naming Agency.


This intriguing premise underscores the series’ thematic exploration of identity, power dynamics, and the consequences of governmental control over personal attributes.

Initially launched online earlier in the year, “No\Name” has now found a broader platform through Shonen Jump’s serialization. The manga promises a blend of dark action and mystery, drawing readers into a world where the protagonist’s journey intertwines with mystical elements and societal intrigue.

Jaki’s announcement on social media expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic support received, signaling anticipation for the manga’s upcoming release and its simultaneous availability across international audiences.

Shonen Jump Plus, renowned for its diverse lineup of manga, hosts both original works and serialized adaptations. By embracing “No\Name,” Shonen Jump Plus continues its tradition of showcasing innovative storytelling, now welcoming Jaki and Gamu’s collaborative effort into its esteemed collection.

As anticipation builds towards its launch date, “No\Name” stands poised to captivate readers with its unique blend of fantasy, suspense, and thematic depth, promising an engaging narrative experience for manga enthusiasts worldwide.