High-Speed Thrill: Tuned BMW M3 CS Pushed to the Limit on the Autobahn

Tuned BMW M3 CS (BMW)

The BMW M3 CS is a powerhouse of a vehicle, with its twin-turbo straight-six engine producing a staggering 543 horsepower, according to BMW’s specifications.

However, from the driver’s seat, it feels like a beast unleashed, with some estimates suggesting it may be closer to 600 horses. The modified M3 CS in this video, courtesy of H&H Performance, takes it to a whole new level with a whopping 750 horsepower.


The AutoTopNL YouTube channel got the chance to put this modified M3 CS through its paces, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

With its upgraded engine and tuning, this car can reach its electronically limited top speed in no time. The driver takes it to the German Autobahn, where there are no speed restrictions, to push the car to its limits.

The video shows the car repeatedly accelerating to its electronic speed limiter of 304 km/h (189 mph), with the driver expertly handling the vehicle as it devours the asphalt.

It’s clear that the car is still pulling hard even at 188 mph, suggesting that it could easily crest 200 mph if it weren’t for the speed limiter. The driver’s skill and the car’s capabilities make for a thrilling spectacle, leaving the viewer wanting more.

While the specific upgrades and modifications aren’t detailed, it’s likely that the extra horsepower comes from a combination of bolt-ons and tuning, leveraging the capabilities of BMW’s potent S58 engine.

Whatever the secret sauce may be, this modified M3 CS is a force to be reckoned with, and its performance on the Autobahn is a testament to its raw power and speed.