Electric Sports Car with Unbeatable Charging Speed

New Nyobolt EV (Nyobolt )

UK-based startup Nyobolt has successfully developed an electric sports car that can recharge its batteries in a mere six minutes, a feat that has left the automotive industry in awe.

This bold claim was first made last year, but the company has now substantiated it with a working prototype. The Nyobolt EV Prototype, designed in collaboration with renowned designer Ian Callum, has a WLTP range of 155 miles and weighs 2,750 pounds.

Electric Car (Porsche)

What’s truly remarkable about this vehicle is its charging speed, which has been tested and proven to be twice as fast as the current benchmark for production electric vehicles.

According to Nyobolt, their battery technology can add 120 miles of range in just 4 minutes and 37 seconds, a capability that has the potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape.

The secret behind this groundbreaking achievement lies in Nyobolt’s innovative battery design, which boasts an impressive 50 Amp-hour and 35 Kilowatt-hour capacity.

This battery has undergone rigorous testing, with over 4,000 full depth of discharge fast-charge cycles, equivalent to approximately 600,000 miles of real-world use.

Despite this intense testing, the battery still retains an impressive 80 percent of its capacity, demonstrating its exceptional resistance to degradation.

Nyobolt’s technological prowess has serious implications for the electric vehicle industry, enabling the electrification of new products and services that were previously considered impractical or impossible. As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, Nyobolt is leading the charge with its pioneering battery technology.