Review Calls on USTA to Boost Efforts Against Abuse and S*xual Misconduct

USTA safety policies (APT)

An exhaustive examination of the U.S. Tennis Association’s (USTA) safeguarding system has yielded 19 concrete recommendations to bolster player safety and thwart abuse, including s*xual misconduct.

Conducted by two seasoned lawyers, the review acknowledged the USTA’s compliance with the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s requirements but identified areas ripe for enhancement.

USTA Safe Play Conduct (APT)

The report proposes proactive measures to prevent misconduct, ensure individuals with a history of abuse are barred from USTA events, and expand safety training for parents and staff.

The USTA has pledged to implement these recommendations, which include augmenting personnel and resources for its Safe Play Program.

This review assumes heightened importance in the wake of a recent lawsuit, in which a player was awarded $9 million in damages for alleged s*xual abuse by a coach at a USTA training center.

The USTA is resolute in creating a secure environment for all players, and this report represents a vital step towards achieving that objective.

The lawyers’ assessment was comprehensive, encompassing interviews with USTA employees, scrutiny of hundreds of documents, and a benchmarking exercise involving 51 other national sports governing bodies and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. Their recommendations are designed to fortify the USTA’s Safe Play Program, ensuring a safer, more secure tennis community.