Wiper Motor Problems Prompt Tesla to Recall Almost All Cybertrucks

Tesla Cybertruck (Tesla)

Tesla has issued a recall for its Cybertruck due to a faulty windshield wiper motor that may prevent the blade from functioning properly, posing a safety risk in rainy conditions.

The recall affects 11,688 electric pickups manufactured between November 13, 2023, and June 6, 2024, with Tesla estimating that only 2% of the affected vehicles have this defect.

Tesla Cybertruck recall 2024 (Tesla)

The recall was prompted after Tesla Service identified wiper motor failures in early February, leading to a thorough investigation by Tesla engineers.

The analysis revealed that a functional test at a Tier 2 supplier caused excessive current to damage the motor’s circuit board. Fortunately, Tesla is not aware of any accidents, injuries, or fatalities related to this issue.

The automaker will replace the wiper motor free of charge, and many trucks will also undergo an inspection for their exterior bed trim. The sail appliqué along the bedside may not have been installed correctly, potentially becoming loose or detaching from the vehicle.

This secondary recall affects 11,383 Cybertrucks built between November 13, 2023, and May 26, 2024, and Tesla will replace or rework the parts to meet the correct specifications.

This recall highlights Tesla’s commitment to safety and quality, ensuring that its vehicles meet the highest standards. Cybertruck owners will receive notifications and can schedule appointments for the necessary repairs, providing peace of mind for those affected.