Thursday’s Pitching Primer: Rankings, Projections, and Lineup Advice

Zack Wheeler (Orioles/MLB)

Thursday’s MLB schedule features a trio of elite starting pitchers, including Zack Wheeler and Corbin Burnes, who have consistently dominated on the mound.

The third member of this group is Michael Wacha, a quietly effective pitcher who has flown under the radar despite his impressive stats.

With a 3.44 ERA and 1.16 WHIP since 2022, Wacha has proven himself to be a reliable starter, allowing more than three earned runs in just four of his 13 outings this season.

Corbin Burnes (Orioles/MLB)

Despite his consistency, Wacha remains a hidden gem in fantasy leagues, rostered in just 7.7% of ESPN standard leagues. This is likely due to his lack of flashiness, as he doesn’t boast a high strikeout rate or overpowering stuff.

However, his ability to limit runs and pitch deep into games makes him a valuable asset for fantasy managers looking for a steady starter.

In other news, Shota Imanaga’s recent struggles have bumped his ERA up to 2.96, making him a risky start against the Giants, who have a history of hitting well against left-handed pitchers.

Meanwhile, David Festa is set to make his major league debut for the Twins, bringing a promising arsenal of pitches and a high strikeout upside.

Finally, Noelvi Marte is returning from suspension and is expected to join the Reds’ lineup soon, although his struggles during rehab may temper expectations for his immediate impact.