Bugatti Considers Stuffing a V-16 Engine into a Front-Engined Hypercar

Bugatti: Front-Engined Grand Tourer (Bugatti)

Bugatti is hinting at the possibility of developing a new hypercar with a massive V-16 engine mounted in the front, a move that would mark a departure from their recent mid-engined designs.

While the company’s Director of Design, Frank Heyl, didn’t confirm the rumors, his statements suggest that the idea is not entirely off the table. The V-16 engine in question is the naturally aspirated, 8.3-liter unit co-developed with Cosworth, which currently powers the Tourbillon.

V16-Powered Front-Engine (Bugatti)

Heyl’s comments evoke memories of the ill-fated Galibier, a luxury grand tourer that was axed in 2009 due to reported design concerns from VW Group.

The Galibier’s W-16 engine would have been relocated to the front, creating a bulbous design that may have been deemed unfeasible for production.

If a front-engined Bugatti does materialize, it would likely be a grand tourer, leaving the Chiron’s replacement to focus on uncompromising performance.

The company’s history includes several front-engined models, such as the EB 112, EB 118, and EB 218, which featured V-12, W-18, and W-16 engines, respectively.

While a front-engined Bugatti is not imminent, the company’s new management under the Rimac Group may prioritize diversifying their lineup, potentially leading to a more extensive use of the V-16 engine in future models.