Verne: Rimac’s Latest Innovation in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Verne's cabin-first design maximizes legroom and comfort (Verne)

Mate Rimac, a visionary entrepreneur, is revolutionizing the transportation industry with Verne, a cutting-edge robotaxi company launching in 2026. Verne prioritizes passenger experience, offering unprecedented control and personalization through a user-friendly app.

Riders can tailor their journey, adjusting temperature, sound, lighting, comfort, and even scent before the vehicle arrives, creating a sense of ownership and comfort. This innovative approach sets a new standard for ride-hailing services.

Rimac’s Latest Innovation (Verne)

Verne’s cabin-first design maximizes legroom and comfort for its two passengers, featuring a spacious interior and a 43-inch display for entertainment and information. The exterior conceals advanced sensors and cameras, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

The vehicle’s durable design and daily maintenance at the “Mothership” facility guarantee cleanliness and safety. Passengers can enjoy a seamless experience, with easy control over in-vehicle systems via a touchscreen interface.

Verne’s launch in Zagreb, Croatia, will mark the beginning of a global expansion, with plans to enter the UK, Germany, Middle East, and worldwide markets. Mate Rimac’s vision for Verne is to transform the transportation landscape, providing a futuristic and user-centric alternative to traditional ride-hailing services.

With its innovative design, advanced technology, and focus on passenger experience, Verne is poised to revolutionize the way we travel. By combining comfort, safety, and sustainability, Verne is shaping the future of transportation, one ride at a time.