The Complete 2024 NBA Draft Guide: Players, Picks, Stats, and Expert Insights

Atlanta Hawks Player number 5 (Atlanta Hawks/NBA)

The 2024 NBA draft is set to tip off on Wednesday in the Big Apple, with the Atlanta Hawks holding the coveted No. 1 general pick. This historic draft will span two days, featuring 58 selections across two rounds – a first in NBA history.

As the clock ticks down, the basketball world is abuzz with pressing questions. Will a clear-cut top pick emerge, or will teams opt for surprise selections? Which franchises will make bold moves to crack the top 10?

Legendary LeBron James (Lakers/NBA)

How will powerhouses like the San Antonio Spurs utilize their multiple draft picks to build a championship contender around their stars? And what about Bronny James, the son of the legendary LeBron James – will he hear his name called, and in which round will his NBA journey begin?

Our comprehensive guide has got you covered, providing a one-stop shop for all your draft needs. Get the inside scoop on the top prospects, rankings, mock drafts, stats, and more.

Learn about the draft’s most coveted players, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they’ll impact their future teams. Discover the teams that’ll make a splash and those that’ll surprise us all. Our expert analysis will keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the draft’s twists and turns.

Bronny James, the son of the legendary LeBron James (Lakers/NBA)

Look into the world of the NBA’s next generation of stars and find out what to expect from this week’s draft. Who will be the next big thing in the NBA? Will it be Victor Wembanyama, the French phenom hailed as the next Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Or perhaps Scoot Henderson, the American guard with a penchant for clutch performances? The answer lies in the 2024 NBA draft, and our guide is your ticket to the action.