Keep the No. 1 Pick and Use It to Draft a Player Who Can Eventually Replace One of the Hawks’ Star Guards

Hawks' Star Guards (Atlanta Hawks/NBA)

The Atlanta Hawks are poised for a pivotal summer, with the 2024 NBA draft and potential trades offering a plethora of options. The team’s unexpected rise to the No. 1 pick in the draft lottery has created both opportunities and challenges.

With the salary of the top pick pushing the Hawks over the projected luxury tax line, the team is faced with financial implications that necessitate action.

Atlanta Hawks NO. 5 (Atlanta Hawks/NBA)

After a quiet year on the trade front, the Hawks must now pass a crucial few weeks. Here, we’ll delve into five possible scenarios, ranging from conservative to aggressive, each with hypothetical trades and implications for the franchise’s future.

Scenario 1: Keep the No. 1 pick and complement Trae Young and Dejounte Murray with a talented rookie.

Scenario 2: Trade the No. 1 pick for a veteran player to bolster the roster and contend immediately.

Scenario 3: Use the No. 1 pick as part of a package to acquire a superstar, seriously altering the team’s trajectory.

Scenario 4: Select a player with the No. 1 pick who can eventually succeed one of the Hawks’ star guards.

Scenario 5: Trade the No. 1 pick for multiple future first-round picks, embracing a long-term rebuild.

Each scenario presents a unique path forward, with varying degrees of risk and potential reward. As the Hawks crosses this critical juncture, their decisions will shape the franchise’s fate for years to come.