Unusual Grass at Copa America Sparks Concern About Field Conditions

Field conditions at Copa America are causing concern (Copa America)

The playing surfaces at Copa America have come under intense scrutiny, with players and managers expressing their discontent. The temporary grass fields installed on top of concrete or turf have been likened to “not normal grass” and a “disaster”.

Players have reported injuries and difficulties playing on the surfaces, which have been criticized for being uneven, patchy, and dry.

Messi – Bad Field conditions at Copa America (Argentina/Copa America)

Experts say the issue lies in the fact that these fields are not permanent top-level pitches, but rather temporary installations that can lead to drainage issues and uneven surfaces.

The concerns have prompted comparisons to the European Championship in Germany, where similar issues arose. As the tournament continues, all eyes are on the playing surfaces, with hopes that improvements will be made before the World Cup in two years.

The USMNT has expressed optimism about the surface at AT&T Stadium, but concerns remain. Defender Chris Richards praised the pitch, saying it looked “like proper grass”, but Chile boss Ricardo Gareca reported his players felt the surface was dry despite heavy watering.

The issue highlights the challenge of hosting major soccer tournaments in stadiums designed for American football, and the need for better infrastructure to support the sport.

Former Manchester City defender Nedum On uoha, who played in MLS, notes that the fields at MLS grounds are “way better” and more consistent. He adds that the temporary pitches laid out for tournaments like Copa America can