Goodbye, WWE! 4 Unexpected Departures That Left Fans Reeling

Edge' Adam Copeland finds new mountain to climb (WWE)

Under Triple H’s creative direction, WWE has made some surprising decisions, including the departure of four outstanding superstars in the last year. Despite his ability to read the audience’s mind, Hunter has also made some questionable choices.

Firstly, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal announced his unexpected departure from the company after WrestleMania XL. Mahal had been involved in a short-term program with Seth Rollins and had a run-in with The Rock, showcasing his credibility as a talent worthy of sharing the ring with WWE’s top names.

Dolph Ziggler and Ricochet (WWE)

Next, Dolph Ziggler, an established veteran with nearly two decades of service, was released in September. Ziggler was a reliable worker with undeniable charisma, but despite several mini-pushes, he never broke into the main-event scene.

Ricochet, a high-flyer with undeniable talent and charisma, also departed from the company. Despite his accomplishments, including a US Championship reign, Ricochet never broke into the upper tier of the company.

Lastly, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, known as Adam Copeland, wrestled his final match in August 2023 and later joined AEW. Edge had an incredible career, with 11 world titles and two Royal Rumble victories, but his departure from WWE was unexpected.

These departures have left fans wondering about the future of WWE and the creative direction under Triple H. While Hunter has made some excellent decisions, these four departures have raised eyebrows and sparked debate among fans.