Zelina Vega Expresses Heartfelt Gratitude and Well Wishes to Kayla Braxton Following Her Announcement to Leave WWE

Zelina Vega and Kayla Braxton (WWE)

Zelina Vega, a WWE superstar, took to social media to express her heartfelt sentiments to Kayla Braxton, who recently announced her departure from the company.

Braxton, a beloved personality, had been a constant presence on NXT, RAW, and SmackDown, conducting interviews and making announcements. She also hosted WWE’s The Bump show for several years.

Zelina Vega, a WWE superstar (WWE)

Vega, a member of the LWO, sent a touching message to Braxton, confessing her love and gratitude for everything. “Guess I can finally admit it… ily thank you for everything,” Vega wrote. This gesture reflects the strong bond between the two women, as Braxton prepares to leave WWE after eight years.

Braxton’s departure was met with sadness from fans, who appreciated her charisma and talent. Her final SmackDown broadcast will be on June 28 at Madison Square Garden, marking the end of an era. Vega’s heartfelt message highlights the respect and admiration she has for Braxton, a talented individual who will be deeply missed in the WWE universe.

Meanwhile, Vega is gearing up for a potential showdown with Liv Morgan, the current WWE Women’s Champion. The tension between them is palpable, and their animosity may lead to a thrilling match at the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event.

As Vega seeks to claim the Women’s World Championship, her message to Braxton serves as a reminder of the strong bonds and relationships within the WWE community.