Reports Suggest that Paul Heyman’s Partner, Liv Morgan, is Operating Under a Verbal Contract With WWE, Rather than a Formal Agreement

Paul Heyman On The Relatability and Liv Morgan (WWE)

Paul Heyman, the mastermind behind The Bloodline, has been steadfast in his loyalty to Roman Reigns, even in the face of uncertainty. The duo’s bond was reaffirmed when Reigns lovingly referred to Kayla Braxton, a veteran announcer, as Heyman’s “girlfriend” in a behind-the-scenes moment.

Braxton and Heyman have engaged in a series of intense verbal sparring matches on SmackDown and RAW, showcasing their exceptional skill and chemistry. However, Braxton’s sudden departure from WWE after eight years of service has left fans stunned.

Paul Heyman and Liv Morgan (WWE)

In a surprising twist, Fightful Select revealed that Braxton has been operating under a verbal agreement with WWE since her contract expired, raising questions about her future with the company.

Meanwhile, the dynamics within The Bloodline are shifting, as Solo Sikoa has taken the reins, leaving Heyman’s role uncertain. The tension came to a head on SmackDown when Sikoa dropped a bombshell: Roman Reigns has no intention of returning to WWE. Heyman’s visceral reaction and visible distress during the main event signaled a seismic shift in the faction’s power structure.

As the story reveals, fans are eager to see how Heyman will adapt to this new reality. Will he find a way to reclaim his influence, or will Solo Sikoa’s rise to power mark the end of an era for The Bloodline? The return of Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso to SmackDown promises to be a pivotal moment in this saga, one that will shape the future of The Bloodline and the WWE landscape.