Yankees’ Anthony Rizzo Exits Game After Collision

Yankees 1B Anthony Rizzo (New York Yankees/MLB)

New York Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo suffered a concerning injury on Sunday night after a collision at first base with Boston Red Sox pitcher Brennan Bernardino.

Rizzo was charging down the line when the collision occurred, causing him to fall hard on his right arm. He immediately clutched his hand and wrist area in pain, prompting concerns from his team and the coaching staff.

Anthony Rizzo (New York Yankees/MLB)

Manager Aaron Boone reported that initial X-rays showed no major damage, but Rizzo will undergo further testing on Monday to determine the extent of the injury. Boone expressed concern over Rizzo’s pain levels, noting that even slight movements caused discomfort.

“The initial imaging, which is a low-grade X-Ray, was negative,” Boone said. “But he’s in some pain in that lower arm in a number of places. He’ll get a lot of tests tomorrow and see what we’re dealing with.”

Rizzo’s injury was a serious blow to the Yankees, who have relied on his consistent hitting and fielding all season. His teammates, including Aaron Judge, were visibly concerned as Rizzo left the field.

“You don’t see that from Riz,” Judge said. “He’s tough. I think he’ll be fine.” Judge has played alongside Rizzo for years and knows his ability to play through pain. However, the severity of the injury remains uncertain, and the team will wait anxiously for the test results.

The Yankees finally lost the game 9-3 to the Red Sox, who set a club record with nine stolen bases. Despite the loss, the team’s focus is on Rizzo’s health and getting him back on the field as soon as possible.

Rizzo’s injury is a reminder of the physical demands of baseball and the risks players take every time they step onto the field. As the Yankees look to bounce back from this loss, they will be keeping a close eye on Rizzo’s recovery and hoping for a speedy return.