Manny Machado and Mike Shildt Tossed for Arguing With Umpire in Mets Game

Superstar Manny Machado (Cardinals)

During Sunday’s game against the New York Mets, San Diego Padres’ superstar Manny Machado and manager Mike Shildt were ejected in the sixth inning. With the Padres trailing 7-2, Machado was called out on a full-count sinker from Adrian Houser that appeared to be just low, leading to a heated exchange with plate umpire Adam Beck.

Machado’s frustration boiled over as he slammed his bat and exchanged words with Beck, resulting in his ejection. Shildt swiftly emerged from the dugout to argue the call, but his efforts only led to his own ejection. The manager acknowledged the team’s frustration, citing a series of unfavorable calls and disappointing results on the scoreboard.

Manny Machad (Cardinals)

“It’s a combination of things,” Shildt said. “Checked swing early doesn’t go your way, borderline pitch doesn’t go your way. We haven’t had the results we want at the end of the day on the scoreboard. That can add up, as well. So, yeah, there’s some frustration there, but bottom line is we got to be better.”

Shildt’s ejection marked his 13th career and third this season, while Machado’s was his 11th. The tense moment underscored the Padres’ struggles on the field, but Shildt emphasized the need for the team to improve and move forward. Despite the setbacks, San Diego remains committed to turning their season around.

As the Padres look to rebound from this loss, they will need to regroup and refocus their efforts. With key players like Machado and a strong managerial presence in Shildt, the team has the potential to overcome their current slump and make a push for success in the competitive NL West division.