The $325,000 Mustang GTD Boasts a Familiar Interior, Similar to the Standard Mustang

$325K Ford Mustang GTD Interior (Ford)

The Ford Mustang GT3 is getting ready to race at the famous Le Mans event. Its street-legal version, the GTD, is also making waves. But when people saw the GTD’s interior, some were disappointed. The price tag is $325,000, but the inside looks a lot like the regular Mustang. It’s like buying a luxury car, but getting a regular car’s interior.

$325,000 Mustang GTD (Ford)

The GTD is a beast on the track, with a supercharged engine producing over 800 horsepower. It’s designed to speed past other cars with ease. But the interior doesn’t match that level of excitement.

It has a few upgrades like carbon fiber trim and special shift paddles, but it’s mostly the same as the regular Mustang. It’s like they took a regular Mustang and added a few fancy parts, but didn’t change the overall design.

Some people might question whether the price is worth it. An optional performance pack will add even more cost, making the price even harder to justify. With its racing heritage and impressive specs, a more stripped-down, performance-focused interior would have been a better fit.

Something that says, “I’m a race car, and I mean business.” Instead, the GTD’s interior might leave some buyers wondering if the price matches the overall experience. As the GTD gets ready to debut alongside the GT3, its interior might be a letdown for some fans.