Viggo Mortensen Says He Was Unofficially Fired from 80s Classic

Viggo Mortensen - Lord of the Rings (New Line)

Viggo Mortensen, the renowned actor, shared a shocking experience about being abruptly dropped from Oliver Stone’s classic film, Platoon. Despite initially landing the role of Sergeant Elias Grodin, Mortensen was never formally notified that he was no longer part of the project. Instead, he stumbled upon the news through a newspaper article announcing the film’s cast, which featured Willem Dafoe in the role he had prepared for.

Viggo Mortensen (New Line)

Mortensen had successfully auditioned via video tape and was led to believe he had secured the part. However, a year later, Stone informed him that the film’s increased budget necessitated a more prominent star. Mortensen offered to re-audition, but Stone declined, leaving him feeling devastated and wasting his extensive research.

Despite this setback, Mortensen views the experience as a blessing in disguise, allowing him to pursue other roles that eventually contributed to his success in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His journey serves as a testament to perseverance and the unpredictable nature of the film industry.

Mortensen’s career has spanned decades, with outstanding roles in Witness, Crimson Tide, and Portrait of a Lady. His latest film, The Dead Don’t Hurt, showcases his versatility as a writer, director, star, and composer. In a recent interview, Mortensen reflected on his experience with Platoon, demonstrating his ability to pass the ups and downs of the industry with grace and humility.