Bring a Trailer Weighs in on the Ongoing IH Scout ‘No-Reserve’ Auction Saga

The 'No-Reserve' IH Scout Auction

A 1974 IH Scout is currently being auctioned on Bring a Trailer with no reserve, but this is not the first time this vehicle has been listed for sale. Just a few weeks ago, it was auctioned on Clasiq with no reserve, but the sale was mysteriously cancelled due to a “technical error.” The winning bidder, Chris Picconi, was left frustrated and felt misled.

The ‘No-Reserve’ IH Scout Auction

The same vehicle is now listed on Bring a Trailer, again with no reserve, and has already surpassed the previous high bid. However, the situation has become even more contentious, with Picconi accusing the seller of trying to fraudulently withdraw from the sale. Bring a Trailer co-founder Randy Nonnenberg has responded, stating that the platform takes a “fatalistic stance on liars” and will investigate the matter.

The seller, @tomwstein, has defended himself, claiming he was unaware of the previous auction and had given his friend permission to sell the vehicle. He has committed to honoring the auction result, regardless of the price.

Despite the controversy, bidding has continued, and the auction has already reached $19,000. The situation remains contentious, with some commenters questioning the legitimacy of the auction and others defending the seller’s integrity. With five days remaining, the outcome is uncertain, but the drama surrounding this IH Scout auction has captured the attention of many.