Toyota GR Corolla Gets Performance Boost with HKS’ Stroked Crate Engines

Toyota GR Corolla Receives Performance Boost (Toyota)

The Toyota GR Corolla’s engine is already a force to be reckoned with, but legendary tuner HKS is taking it to unprecedented heights. Their stroked crate engines will not only boast increased displacement but also harness the power of Formula 1-style ignition technology.

The modified prototype showcases a custom crankshaft, lengthened stroke, and expanded cylinder bores, bumping up the displacement to 1,746cc. This means a serious boost in torque and quicker turbo spooling, setting the stage for a truly exceptional driving experience.

Toyota GR Corolla (Toyota)

HKS is also optimizing the engine’s internals with cutting-edge components, including crowned pistons with swirl patterns for improved combustion and phosphor bronze valve guides for enhanced conductivity.

The combustion chamber edges have been smoothed to eliminate hotspots, ensuring a more efficient and powerful burn. But the crowning glory of this engineering masterpiece is the pre-chamber ignition system, a technology borrowed from the pinnacle of motorsports – Formula 1.

This innovative setup enables faster, more complete combustion, generating more power without increased fuel consumption. The potential is staggering, and HKS is leaving the exact power figures to the imagination – for now.

With interchangeable injector sizes, the possibilities are endless, and the question on everyone’s mind is: will these crate engines crack the 1,000 horsepower mark? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – HKS is redefining the boundaries of performance and taking the Toyota GR Corolla to unprecedented heights.