Jacob Elordi to Play Frankenstein’s Monster in Del Toro’s Film, Replacing Andrew Garfield

Jacob Elordi to Play Frankenstein's Monster (IMDb)

Guillermo del Toro’s Frankenstein adaptation is experiencing a casting evolution, with Jacob Elordi emerging as the new lead, replacing Andrew Garfield. Oscar Isaac will embody the complex Victor Frankenstein, alongside Mia Goth and a talented ensemble, including Christoph Waltz and Lars Mikkelsen.

Del Toro’s creative vision, developed with J Miles Dale, promises a unique interpretation of Mary Shelley’s timeless tale. Following last year’s production delays, Elordi’s addition brings new energy to the project.

Jacob Elordi replaces Andrew Garfield (IMDb)

With Netflix backing the film, del Toro’s masterful storytelling is poised to revitalize this classic narrative, infusing it with fresh perspective and cinematic magic.

As the cast comes together, anticipation builds for a thrilling reimagining of the Frankenstein legend. Del Toro’s passion for monster stories and his ability to craft compelling characters will undoubtedly bring a new level of depth to this iconic tale. Elordi’s involvement adds a fresh layer of excitement, as he brings his proven acting chops to the role of the creature.

With a talented cast and a visionary director at the helm, this Frankenstein adaptation is shaping up to be a must-see event. As the production moves forward, fans of the classic novel and del Toro’s work alike are eagerly awaiting the culmination of this creative collaboration.