Ferrari SF90 Stradale Caught in GM’s Sights as Corvette Benchmark

Ferrari SF90 Stradale (Ferrari)

In the high-stakes realm of automotive innovation, manufacturers often size up the competition by pitting their latest creations against rival models. But when General Motors was caught putting a fleet of Corvette prototypes through their paces alongside a Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the automotive world took notice.

The appearance of the Ferrari’s hybrid powerhouse hinted at the presence of the long-rumored Corvette Zora trim, a behemoth rumored to pack a 1,000-horsepower punch. Initially mistaken for ZR-1 models, the test cars were spotted in Vermillion, Ohio, near GM’s propulsion headquarters.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale (Ferrari)

However, the SF90’s presence was a dead giveaway, suggesting that the Corvette in question was indeed the Zora trim, boasting a twin-turbocharged and electrically assisted powertrain eerily reminiscent of the Ferrari’s own hybrid setup.

The Zora trim is named after the “father of the Corvette” and is expected to be a flagship model, representing the pinnacle of Corvette performance. While GM has not officially confirmed the Zora trim, the benchmarking against the SF90 suggests that it may be a reality.

The sighting has generated serious buzz among Corvette enthusiasts, who are eagerly awaiting official confirmation of the Zora trim. If the rumors are true, the Zora trim would be a game-changer for the Corvette lineup, offering unprecedented performance and power. As the automotive world waits with bated breath for official confirmation, one thing is clear – the Corvette Zora is shaping up to be a truly legendary vehicle.