Broncos’ Sean Payton Talks About Rookie Bo Nix Compared to Ex-QB Drew Brees

Bo Nix, Sean Payton, and Drew Brees
Bo Nix, Sean Payton, and Drew Brees (NFL)

The Russell Wilson experiment with the Pittsburgh Steelers concluded abruptly in March, marking a significant shift in the quarterback landscape. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos, despite already acquiring Zach Wilson and having veteran Jarrett Stidham, sought to bolster their quarterback lineup in the 2024 draft.

The 2024 draft class showcased a remarkable array of quarterback talent, with six signal-callers selected in the first round, emphasizing the league’s focus on securing top-tier quarterbacks for future success. Among them, former Oregon standout Bo Nix emerged as the final quarterback chosen in the first round, poised to contend for the starting position with the Denver Broncos in the upcoming season.

As the Broncos’ offseason workouts progress, Bo Nix has been actively engaging with his teammates, including Pro Bowl wide receiver Courtland Sutton. Sutton commended Nix’s attributes on and off the field, highlighting his leadership qualities and overall presence within the team.

Bo Nix and Drew Brees
Bo Nix and Drew Brees (NFL)

Sean Payton, the seasoned coach entering his second season with the Denver Broncos, has been steadfast in his support of the decision to draft Nix. Drawing comparisons between Nix and former Saints star Drew Brees, Payton acknowledged similarities in their mental approach and accuracy on the field, while also noting distinctions in their personalities and backgrounds.

Looking ahead, the Denver Broncos under the leadership of Sean Payton and with the addition of promising talent like Bo Nix anticipate an exciting start to the regular season. Their opener against the Seattle Seahawks sets the stage for Nix to showcase his abilities and begin his journey as a key player in the Broncos’ quest for success.