Steven Rales, Founder of Indian Paintbrush, Acquires Criterion and Janus Films in Private Deal

Steven Rales, Founder of Indian Paintbrush (Janus Films)

In a development in the film industry, Steven Rales, the founder of Indian Paintbrush, has acquired Criterion and Janus Films in a private transaction.

According to sources, the leadership and mission of the companies will remain unchanged, ensuring continuity and consistency in their operations.

Steven Rales (Janus Films)

Peter Becker, president of Criterion and Janus Films, expressed his enthusiasm for the new chapter, stating, “We have built our brands and audience by adhering to a set of values that reflect our passion for film, our unique approach to distribution, and our commitment to our partners worldwide. We’re excited to continue this legacy and explore new opportunities through this relationship.”

Janus and Criterion, sister companies and long-time champions of global classic cinema, have a rich history of distributing and releasing iconic films. Janus operates a vast library and distributes films, while Criterion is renowned for its home video label and the Criterion Channel.

Recently, they launched Janus Contemporaries, a new initiative to release home-video editions of first-run films after their streaming debut on the Criterion Channel.

Steven Rales, through his production and financing company Indian Paintbrush, has supported the work of acclaimed directors like Wes Anderson. While details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, this development is expected to have a serious impact on the film industry.

In a separate announcement, Janus Films and Sideshow Films acquired the North American rights to Payal Kapadia’s Cannes Competition selection, All We Imagine As Light.