KIA Launches EV3: Budget-Friendly Electric SUV with 373-Mile Range

KIA's latest addition (KIA)

KIA’s latest addition to their lineup of bespoke electric vehicles, the EV3, brings advanced technology from their flagship models to the compact SUV segment.

Revealed initially as a concept, the EV3 aims to provide a range of over 370 miles for European versions, leveraging the innovative features seen in the larger EV9.

Kia Launches EV3 (KIA)

Key Features and Specifications of the Kia EV3:

Design and Dimensions:

The EV3 is slightly shorter than the Kia Niro at 4300mm but wider at 1850mm, and offers a wheelbase of 2680mm, matching the larger Sportage. This design provides a spacious interior compared to many B-segment SUVs.

Exterior styling is heavily influenced by the EV9, maintaining a sleek yet upright stance with a drag coefficient of 0.267, achieved through a 3D aerodynamically sculpted underfloor and active air flaps.

Interior and Technology:

The interior focuses on creating a ‘living space’ with large digital displays, including two 12.3-inch touchscreens and a 5-inch display, complemented by a head-up display.

Essential controls are managed through physical buttons to maintain balance, as stated by Kia design chief Karim Habib.

The system supports over-the-air updates, AI-enhanced voice control, and entertainment services, including video streaming, while stationary.

Sustainable materials are used extensively in the interior, with recycled fabric and PET used in seats, headliner, armrests, and floor mats. A QR code on the dashboard provides more details about these materials.

Performance and Range:

Initially, the EV3 will come with a single electric motor producing 201bhp and two battery options:
Standard Range: 58.3kWh battery, offering around 255 miles.

Long Range: 81.4kWh battery, providing an impressive 373 miles.

It uses a modified Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP platform, supporting 400V architecture, with charging capabilities of up to 128kW for Long Range models.

Additional Features:

The EV3 will feature bi-directional charging and a vehicle-to-load power outlet in the rear.

The boot offers a capacity of 460 liters with an additional 25-liter ‘frunk’ (front trunk).

Market Position and Pricing:

With a target starting price of under £30,000, the EV3 aims to attract mainstream buyers, competing with models like the Volvo EX30, Cupra Born, and Renault Mégane E-Tech.

Kia plans to sell around 200,000 units annually, with nearly half of those in Europe, indicating a strong focus on the European market.

Future Prospects and Models:

The EV3 will be followed by larger models like the EV5 SUV and the EV4 saloon, with the smaller EV2 targeting a sub-£25,000 price point.

The EV3 will not conflict with the similarly sized Niro EV, as it targets a different segment of customers looking for a dedicated EV rather than a multi-powertrain option.

The Kia EV3 exemplifies Kia’s strategy to democratize advanced electric vehicle technology and features by offering them in more accessible and compact models.

By maintaining competitive pricing and focusing on sustainable materials and advanced technology, the EV3 is positioned to make a remarkable impact in the growing compact SUV EV market.