Ford Receives Over 7,500 Applications for the $325,000 Mustang GTD in a Single Month

Mustang GTD (Ford)

Ford has officially closed reservations for the highly anticipated Mustang GTD in the US and Canada, with a staggering 7,500 applications received in just over a month. The $325,000 supercar has generated immense interest, with build slots now filled through 2025 and 2026.

As Ford takes the Mustang GTD on a world tour, debuting in Europe at Le Mans and visiting iconic tracks like Spa, Goodwood, and the Nürburgring, those who missed the application window will have to wait patiently.

7,500 Applications for the $325,000 Mustang GTD (Ford)

The applicant pool is diverse, but motorsport enthusiasts make up a remarkable portion, with only 20% owning a competitor’s vehicle with similar performance capabilities.

Interestingly, 25% of applicants are current Mustang owners, indicating a strong loyalty to the brand. Ford has not disclosed strict terms and conditions for buyers, leaving some room for speculation.

As the Mustang GTD continues its development and testing at renowned circuits like Sebring and Virginia International Raceway, Ford will release a video series documenting its engineering and development.

The European tour will serve as a precursor to a timed run at the Nürburgring, where Ford aims to lap the iconic track in under seven minutes. With production limited and interest high, the Mustang GTD is poised to become a highly sought-after collector’s item.